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Rowena Cherry


Before any author takes your advice about giving away an e-book to every Twitter follower who enters her contest she should check her contract.

Some e-publishers allow an author to give away a total of 5 copies.

This probably wasn't what you meant, but your advice could have been misunderstood.

Moreover, if you give your e-book free to dozens of virtual strangers, it is almost certainly going to end up on Pirate torrents.

Plus, once you give a book away free to everyone who visits a site, there is a risk that you might undermine your copyright.

Dana Lynn Smith

Thanks for your comment Rowena. In promotions, authors usually give away a free promotional ebook, not a book that the author normally sells. However, some authors have had success in giving away electronic versions of their book or individual chapters from their books in various types of promotions. I'm not an attorney, but I can't think of any way that giving out free copies of a book undermines the copyright, although you should certainly list your copyright on any book or ebook that you produce.

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