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this is a great idea to promote your book on radio shows. You can expose your book to a new audience.

The lists are great Dana

check out Get Published TV - an online tv show to help authors write,publish an market their own book


Cara Lopez Lee

Many thanks for breaking this info down into bite-size pieces. There's a lot of info out there, and I prefer to expend my marketing energy in a targeted manner, rather than spraying scattershot all over the Internet.

Cara Lopez Lee
Author of ”They Only Eat Their Husbands”, coming soon from Ghost Road Press

Jo-Anne Vandermeulen

I'm about to host my first show on Blogtalkradio. Very excited. The show is called:

Authors Articulating with Jo-Anne and Larry

Be entertained! Listening to these two dynamic speakers, Jo-Anne Vandermeulen and Larry Brooks, sizzle with energy. For the second half of the show, they encourage YOU to interact with them. Introduce yourself.

Authors – This is your chance. Deliver your author platform and pitch your book.

Readers – Be ready to listen. Upcoming books you can order and add to your shelf.

*****Prolific writer of suspense/romance novels, Jo-Anne Vandermeulen, is now on the journey toward publication of her first fiction book, “Conquer All Obstacles”. For the first half of the show, Larry Brooks, author and writing guru, interviews Vandermeulen on the importance of building an author platform and why the marketing strategy must start now.*****

Listen to this upcoming LIVE show: This Tuesday – 7/28/2009 (To catch the 30 min. live show) 11:00 (Saskatchewan Time – Central Time Zone)

*Guest Call-in Number (347) 857-3752 – No need to register. Just call in.

If you cannot make the “live” show (after the broadcast) tune in by clicking on the widget on my site: www.joconquerall.com


Pakistani TV Programs

Thanks for the suggestions

Kevin Williams

There is a great free website called RadioGuestList.com which connects people who want to get on the radio with radio stations and podcasts that need guests to interview for their shows. You can subscribe to their mailing list for free to get emails whenever radio stations announce that they need guests. It is really easy, definitely check it out!

Dana Lynn Smith

Kevin, thanks so much for sharing this resource!

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