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Tony Eldridge

Great article, Dana. This is something I haven't even thought about. I only relatively recently started to become affiliates for some of the marketers I respect.

When I bring new guest bloggers to my blog, personally, I do not become an affiliate until at least 30 days after I introduce them to my readers.

But I had not thought much about this issue since I am not a professional affiliate and do not actively market that affiliate relationship- yet.

Thanks for bringing this to my attention. I only have a small number of affiliates accounts (three at the moment) and I believe strongly their value. My next step is to create an affiliate disclosure page. Personally, I think it's a great idea!

I know that when my new website rolls out, I had planned on having an affiliate storefront with products from these people. Of course, if I find products and services that are great for marketers, I will still expose them to my readers- regardless of my affiliate status with them.

A lot of things to think about...

Dana Lynn Smith

Thanks for sharing, Tony. I introduce my readers to numerous products and services, regardless of any affiliate relationship, because I want to help authors and publishers find helpful resources. I'm participating in several affiliate programs (a girl's got to eat) but I hadn't really thought about disclosure until I read several recent articles. I think it's a good thing for all online marketers to consider.

Dana Lynn Smith

Thank you to Sandra Lee Schubert for sending in this excerpt from Jonathan Fields' website: "And, because I have this wacky belief that bloggers are entitled to make a living, it’s a safe bet that if I link to something I review or rave about, if there’s any way I can become an affiliate, I will. That means, if you click on that link then buy something, I may end up getting a commission. Whether I use an affiliate link or not, I will always give my honest opinion."

See his page at http://www.careerrenegade.com/about/


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Thanks very much!

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