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Kirk Bartha

As Clairvaux Manifesto was being edited, a friend shot HD video of me over a two month period. It was fun. Then another friend helped me with iLife. I carved up the videos myself and uploaded them to our website....

William @ DIY Video Marketing

In doing book promotions for UK Press, I discovered that the most important part of the chain is not production (which you ably cover here, though I'd doubly emphasize that tripod) but distribution...

We started by putting DVDs in the press kits and videos on YouTube. If I could do it over again, I would do 10 2-minute videos rather than one long one. Each video I'd tag to certain keywords, and then distribute them widely through TubeMogul to all the major platforms. Then you get maximum exposure for the same investment of time & money.


Thanks for your comments Kirk and William.

I completely agree that several shorter promotional videos are better than longer ones.

I encourage everyone to look into TubeMogul for video distribution. Their basic services are free. See this chart:


MaAnna Stephenson

Great comments everyone, and thanks for the feedback. I agree that shorter videos are better too. And, I'll be checking out TubeMogul right away.

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