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Kirsten Lesko

I'm glad you covered this, because I've often wondered about this. Even though I've bought books because of blog book tours, they seem to be so ubiquitous I've wondered if they're losing their impact.


This was great Fiona! Very well worded. Kudos!


Thanks for your feedback Kirsten and BK. We are fortunate to have Fiona share her real-world experience with virtual book tours!

Fiona Ingram

Hi Kirsten,
You are possibly seeing a lot more blog tours now as authors tap into this new social media option. I don't think they'll lose their impact because each author is unique for an audience, and there are so many different 'groups' of readers interested in various genres. I personally think the sky is the limit. However, the challenge is then for the author to make sure he or she has new material, a diferent angle, or something interesting to say to prevent each tour stop becoming a repeat of the previous one. Authors are always crying out to be challeneged, so it's good practice!


I really enjoyed hearing your experience. Well done and thanks for the idea. Nedyne

Ian@ Book Marketing Trends

Great insider perspective on this. Even if you think about it this way: write a sizzling 250 word piece that inspires 1 person per blog on your tour to buy your book or come to your site and it is the cheapest most effective peice of advertising that you can use today.

Paul Madden

It didn't work for me. Then again the people "arranging" the tour were pretty incompetent. Pretty much all the blogs on the tour were ghost towns and not in my genre anyway. So I guess maybe it works if you do it on the right blogs.


Thanks for sharing your thoughts, Ian and Paul. Yes, it's very important that the blogs on your tour be a good fit for your book and that they have an audience. In many cases (especially for nonfiction books) the author will be in a better position to compile the blog list than a tour organizer, because they know their field so well.

Fiona Ingram

Hi Paul, I am sorry things didn't work out for you. As Dana says, it only works with a dedicated organiser that knows the genre or has a good list of equally hardworking hosts. My first blog was with Women on Writing and the second one with BK Walker's Virtual Book Tour, where I am hosting and guesting, is also great. Contact Brandi on if you feel you would like to try again.


Very interesting idea for using blogs. Is this really organized guest posting?

Dana Lynn Smith

Yes, that's an interesting way of looking at it -- a virtual book tour can be like an organized series of guest posts on other blogs.

Shelby Patrick

I just recently published a short story collection and was interested in learning ways to market it. This weekend was the first time I actually heard of a virtual book tour, so I am now looking in to it. Thanks for this wonderful information. It will help a great deal.

Tonya Prince

Thanks for posting this information. My blog is new but some of the authors enjoyed the experience and the exposure. I also enjoyed meeting them and what they had to say was very inspirational to me and my readers.


Christopher Posner

I have researched virtual book tours and have found that most of the authors involved still have very poor Amazon sales ranks.

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Many of the book bloggers simply do it for the love of it. Publishers and publicists include the book bloggers in their marketing programs now. It's been highly successful in getting the word out about their author's books.

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