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Thank you for sharing this wonderful tips, I'm sure it will be very helpful for the self published authors.

Patsy Whyte

Hi Dana,

Very interesting article indeed. I've read all sorts of figures with regard to the number of self-published books sold in order to attract attention - 1,000...1,500...10,000...20,000!!! The numbers keep on rising (sigh).

And I thought I was doing well selling a few hundred over the last few months.

Shameless plug for my memoir (hey, no one else is going to do it for me) - No Easy Road by Patsy Whyte, available on Amazon.

I read the other day that 7% of all authors account for nearly 100% of the sales revenue generated by mainstream publishers. Some 90% or more of all books published sell 1,000 copies or less. Interesting.

Dana, many thanks for the info.

Lexi Revellian

Laura, what you don't address is why an author capable of selling 10 - 20,000 books on his own would go looking for an agent; someone who will take a share of his profits, and get him tied into restrictive deals which will limit his freedom in the way he sells his work.

Any agent would have to be able to get me one hell of a contract, if I were in that position. I certainly wouldn't bother chasing them.

Carroll English

lAURA, I have two published books that I want to sell. One is a memoir of my time in Cuba during the revolution there, and the other is a book of poetry containing various chapters/themes written over 55 years. Both contain pictures that make them visually attractive.
What I need are venues at which to appear or places who will carry them. Any time I read before a group, there is interest in the work, but finding groups to read to is my issue. (I live way out in the country.)
Having edited and proofread for decades, I can vouch for the quality of the works. I have ideas for other books I want to publish, but don't want to branch out to produce them until I can find places to carry the two already-published books. It seems like a distributer who would pick up on these two and offer them to a wide public would be the indicated party to take an interest in them. It seems like an agent would be the appropriate vehicle through whom to accomplish this. Thank you for any attention you are willing to give this matter!

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