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book publishers

Random House's new marketing exec is apparently holding book marketeer level meetings as to how twitter can help promote books - the medium is a wonderful marketing tool, most big publishers won't miss out on this level of expertise.


I do not have this feature on my Twitter account. Is Twitter currently rolling this out or do I have to request it.


Thanks for your note -- Twitter sometimes rolls out new features gradually, so it's possible they haven't made it available to everyone yet. Keep an eye out!


i like to read your posts. thanks for this one.

Thomas Shaw

I have a retweets button on my blog, the first thing i noticed after installing it, page load times took longer.
Is there anything i can do to speed it up again?

Dana Lynn Smith

Thomas, graphics can slow down page loads, but it seems strange that something so tiny would have any effect. I don't know what to suggest.

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