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Carolyn Howard-Johnson

Such a lovely blog, Dana. Thank you for including me. I'm Tweeting again and our friend Tony Eldridge ran this as part of his Friday blog carnival. (-: Going to run this on Facebook and in my newsletter, too.

By the way, anyone who would like to get my Sharing with Writers newsletter may do so by sending an e-mail with SUBSCRIBE in the subject line to hojonews@aol.com. I'll do the work for you. (-:


Kirsten Lesko

Thanks for the informative post - a lot of great tips in here. I love the tip on posting in your protagonist's voice. And the award is a fantastic idea for its multiple benefits.

I've also heard that you can leverage a nonfiction element of your fiction book. For instance, if you write a novel about Nascar, you can start a blog on the topic. Unfortunately, I have virtually no nonfiction elements in my novel that can be leveraged this way.


Carolyn, thanks for sharing with my readers - you have such wonderful creative ideas!

Great tip, Kirsten - that's one of the reasons that both fiction and nonfiction authors need to think about marketing before writing a book :) Novelists can use several elements of the book as promotional hooks, such as the location or the professions or hobbies of the main characters.

Here are some other posts with tips on fiction marketing:

Carolyn Howard-Johnson

Yes, Kirsten. Thanks for dropping by with something so useful. Are you sure you don't have something to leverage, though? Not even location?


Sarah Butland

Very good ideas. I just may have to use some of these for my blog, better yet I'll incorporate them all into my blog. Thanks for the insight.


Thanks Sarah and I wish you much success with your book!

Delia Latham

Amazing post! My latest release, Destiny's Dream, is book one in a 3-book series based around a Christian dating agency called Solomon's Gate. It never occurred to me to play up the dating agency aspect for blogging and/or marketing, but you've given me food for thought. Thank you!


These are excellent tips. You've given me an idea to spruce up my blog for my creative non-fiction book Women For All Seasons. I can write posts in my characters' voices. Thank you so much!

Judith van Praag

Love this post. As a non-fiction writer I've not had any problem finding material to share with readers. But what to do now that I'm writing a novel? On my FaceBook page I post information that's relevant to the characters in my book, the time frame of the story. You give me more to work with though. Merely formulating that question: "What do you talk about on your blog when you're writing fiction", is worth a million. Sounds like Jeopardy doesn't it? Well this is a million dollar post to me :-)

Dana Lynn Smith

Thanks so much Judith - I'm glad you found Carolyn's tips helpful! Good luck with the novel:)

Carolyn Howard-Johnson

Dana, I love how your visitors contribute to the conversation. Absolutely. fiction writers can easily attack some aspect of their book (setting, profession of one of the characters, etc) as if they had written a nonfiction book. They become an "expert" in that field. I did that with my novel This Is the Place. I got calls for my take on tolerance, on Utah, on polygamy--even on feminist issues.
As you can tell, I'm passionate about this. So many fiction writers hear that they can't market fiction. It's even sadder when they believe those myths.
Carolyn Howard-Johnson
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