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Graham Storrs

I've just completed a 2 month virtual book tour. It had its ups and downs. Andy Shackcloth was with me all the way, interviewing me as I did it. He is currently publishing the result on his blog in a multi-part post. Any of your readers thinking about doing one of these might want to have a look at what Andy and I had to say about the experience.

Andy Shackcloth

Hi Dana, Thanks for linking to the posts that Graham and I did about his tour. I hope they will be useful to anyone considering doing their own tour.

I liked this neat article that you have posted, especially since you call the tours "Virtual Book Tours", which Graham and a few others would tell you, is a personal hobby horse of mine. See, I just couldn't resist making that comment. :)

And those are good links that you have included, thanks I have booked marked them.

One thing I would like to say to any author considering promoting their upcoming book by a virtual book tour is;

** Get involved in someone else's tour first, preferably more than one. **

I have learned so much by assisting Graham and I know he has appreciated the odd bit of support that I have given him. There is a real difference between reading about tours and getting involved, working to dead lines, having schedules fail, hosts disappearing, etc.

Dana Lynn Smith

Thanks for that great tip Andy (and for catching my typo!)

Jessie Mac

As a newbie wandering around the labyrinth of links in the writing community, this is the first time I've heard about virtual book tours. Such a great idea.

Thanks for the links to Graham Storrs's website which I wandered around a little in - Graham, you really have everything set up - a main site with main blog and the TimeSplash site and blog. Got to say it all looks good and I really like the storyline. Congratulations on getting it published.

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