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Jessica McCann

Great post, Dana. Lots of good ideas.

T-shirts are another fun way to promote a book -- walking mini-billboards. They are fairly inexpensive to produce in medium to large quanities; and they make great doorprizes and give-aways for writers conferences, book fairs, speaking engagements, book clubs and release parties.



Dana Lynn Smith

Thanks Jessica! If you're making personal appearances, you might also want to wear a t-shirt with your book cover on it or have your logo embroidered on a polo shirt or denim shirt.

Fiona Ingram

I do kids' book readings at schools and wear my T-shirt with the book cover to get the kids interested. However, the big giveaway drawcard is the illustrated bookmark and postcard which I use to give a talk on how easy creative writing can be. Both have the book ISBN and website on it so parents can easily find and purchase the book. Giving signed posters as prizes is also a great way to create interest. Giving a signed poster to the school library also keeps reader interest alive long after I have gone. Using your branded book marketing items is a fun way to create greater awareness of your product.

Dana Lynn Smith

Thanks for sharing Fiona - terrific tips as always!

Roger C. Parker

Dear Dana Lynn:
It's refreshing, in this Internet age, to read an informed post reminding us all of the power of tangible, printed communications--especially following signings and other events.

And, thanks for providing the links to Anton Khodakovsky's sample poster, sell sheet, postcard, business card, and bookmark--all reinforcing his client's book cover. Definitely a website worth visiting.

Thanks for always finding something new for us to read about!


Dana Lynn Smith

Thanks Roger. At the risk of showing my age, let's just say that the Internet didn't exist when I began my career, so I still remember dead tree marketing :)

Erica | Sticker Printing

You can also print out bookmark inspired business cards as promotional material or customized stickers. For the design I think it's cool to include a line from your book that can really create an impact or you can put the other list of books you wrote.

Raquel Byrnes

This is great. Thanks for the post. I'm just learning about this stuff and your blog is a wonderful resource.
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There are several things that you can do to promote your book online, which include creating a dedicated website for your book, try to distribute some snippets or chapters of it, or you can publish an e-mail newsletter.

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