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Ralph Gregorio

A very interesting article. You've given me a few ideas for
launching my newest novel, "Abduction and Revenge".
I look forward to viewing more of your tips.

Maryanne Khan

These are very interesting tips for someone like me, who has a novel set in Pakistan, Walking to Karachi, making its way through a major publishing house. I found I needed to have them very much aware of the fact that two years after its having won a national Manuscript Development award on its own merits, it is now extremely relevant to current affairs.

Anyone want to know about growing up rejecting dogma in an Islamic country? What is it like to lose your patrician father in a paternalistic caste-based society? How does 'family' work in Pakistan? How are the poor treated? How does a military coup affect daily life? How does corruption come about? What are young recruits to jihad thinking and what do you do when your best friend succumbs?

All this is part of the 'story' in my book.

How credible am I as author? The events I fictionalized in order to write it actually happened to my husband.

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