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Sharon Saw

Thanks for the advice..

Sue Ingebretson

Yes! Social marketing DOES sell books. I have plans to implement other marketing strategies soon, but since my book came out in late March, I have only officially marketed on Facebook & Twitter. My sales are steady and it amazes me when people say that they purchased it based on a referral from tweets and posts. That means it wasn't even from knowing me directly.

Of course, as you say, only a small portion of those who see the posts actually purchase, but there would be no other way to get this type of exposure.

Sue Ingebretson

Dana Lynn Smith

Thanks for sharing Sue, and I wish you continued success with your book!


I'm kind of puzzled. I've been tweeting for the last 24 hrs or so asking authors to send me their book links. (ebook and if under $3) saying "I want to buy your book" I've included various hashtag groups. I had very few people reply. Only those following me. To me this shows me authors may use these # tactics as a drive by promo. I wanted to test the waters and see if anyone would actively seek a sale. So far - no.

(typing from my phone. Sorry for the choppy sentences)


Margaret Lake

Jenna, I follow you and never saw those tweets.

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