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Stephanie Draven

Do you know how to embed a link in your Amazon signature line?

Dana Lynn Smith

I don't believe you can create a clickable hyperlink, but you could list a website address or a shortened URL in the "signature" part of your Amazon profile or in the signature that you type at the end of your review. I think that Amazon frowns on this - I seem to recall a while back they were deleting reviews where people had linked to their own book. But you might experiment with it and see what happens. I do caution against being too promotional.
I hope that helps.


Thanks for this article; I was just wondering this week how to change my sig file on Amazon!!

Carol White


thanks for this great article - I think I know quite a bit about Amazon myself - but I had never thought about why they required you to have purchased something - now I know! Good point.

Carol White

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