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Lou Belcher

Nice post. Thanks for sharing the great suggestions


Thanks a bunch for this post. I have my very first speaking engagement in October and I will have books available there. This post gave me ideas that hadn't crossed my mind yet. I am confident now that I will connect with the audience and sell books.

Dana Lynn Smith

Thanks for the terrific tips Penny, and I'm glad you found it helpful Lou. Good luck with your speaking engagement Rashida!

Dana Lynn Smith

Thanks to Donna Perugini, who posted this tip via Facebook:

Your ideas sparked one of my own. I did children's church for over 30 years and we would put a random post-it note under the bottom of a child's chair before they arrived. We'd tell them about the note at the end so they could claim their prize.

It dawned on me to put a post-it note under one chair of the audience if it was an 'author story-telling'. One person/child would win a free book (randomly) at the end of the reading. Of course I'd have to fly this by the bookstore first and have 'secondary' prizes (bookmarks) for the other children. :)

Folake Taylor, MD.

Thanks for this. The two things I need to work on are getting people's info (email etc) and writing out an instore announcement to be read over the store's PA system. I also once sold 17 and then 12 books on snowstorm days in Atlanta. We don't do well on snow days! That was huge.

Kate Dolan

Thanks for providing this helpful info. I'm going to print it out and keep it on hand as a checklist for future events.

Geraldine Evans

Very good information. Some of which I do already, but I have yet to set up a newsletter and collect people's email addresses. Will maybe try this at my next event. Many thanks.
Geraldine Evans

Patty Apostolides

Thank you for the information! I will be doing a booksigning on my latest novel at a church festival. I have made book marks already, and have considered pricing my books to a round number, but I love the idea of giveaways. I already sent a flyer ahead of time to the church and they posted it before the event.

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