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Carolyn Howard-Johnson

Thank you for this helpful review, but thank you mostly for sharing with your many friends and clients who trust you.

I hope I have permission to reprint this on my blog at some point.

Carolyn Howard-Johnson

Dana Lynn Smith

Carolyn, it's always a pleasure to have you on The Savvy Book Marketer -- your marketing and publishing expertise is invaluable! And of course you can reprint this interview on your blog:)


This was very interesting, with much food for thought. (I'm into frugality these days; I just finished e-mailing a friend, envying him his new iMac. Told him I lusted for one, and had actually planned to replace my 4-year-old iMac this month, but money is just too darn tight; income is down, etc. etc. etc.)

I know this is off topic, but since I recently came across this book (you have to buy it -- it's not free! So I know that doesn't fit into frugality - sorry) I wanted to recommend another tool for writers and others who love words, "The Thinker's Thesaurus: Sophisticated Alternatives to Common Words." This is a new edition. This thesaurus doesn't just spit out boring old synonyms -- it gives you interesting alternatives. They may seem unfamiliar, but they're all real-live words. The first edition was the top-selling thesaurus in the US more than 40 times and this new edition has been the top-selling thesaurus both in pre-release and since. It is very entertaining to read -- writers will just love it.


Arghghgh -- link didn't work. Try http://thinkersthesaurus.com

Gale Laure

Great article. Very informative. Thanks for the tips you gave in this interview. GL

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