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Joy Butler

Thanks to Graham Storrs for this article sharing a creative marketing idea. Graham says that "Every hour, I moved west again by one time zone, jumping back each time to 7 p.m." From the article, I understand he physically remained in one place during the 24-hour period. So what does it actually mean to move from one time zone to another in Twitter-speak?

Graham Storrs

Hi Joy, As you know, when you tweet on Twitter, the whole world can hear you. It doesn't matter where you are physically. "Moving" from timezone to timezone is a kind of fiction. You tell the world which zone you are "in" and talk to the people who are actually in that zone. It sounds a bit odd, I know, and many people I told about it before I did it, just couldn't get it, or see the point. Yet, on the day, it all became obvious and everyone got the idea. In fact, I was so engaged with my "trip" as I moved ever westward that it really felt as if I was there in Minnesota, or New Zealand, or the Netherlands, chatting to the locals, talking about places I knew, or the places they lived. It would make a great "field trip" for kids studying geography!

Jeff Emmerson

Oh man! I'm ALL OVER THIS once I publish early in 2011!!

THANK YOU for such an amazing eye-opener of an article!!

Jeff Emmerson - Author of a Gritty, Reflective and Inspiring Memoir.

Cynthia Briggs

Exceptionally creative marketing, and fun for you at the same time! Thanks for sharing your unique experience and best wishes for terrific sales of "TimeSplash." I'm not as handy with Twitter, but I could cook and bake my way around the world...

Cynthia Briggs
Cookbook Author
"Sweet Apple Temptations" and "Pork Chops & Applesauce"

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