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Rebecca Ryals Russell

I love Goodreads. I have some of the best conversations in the groups there.

Dana Lynn Smith

Thanks so much for sharing your experience with Goodreads, Rebecca.


Dana, a quick question.

Does a giveaway book on Googreads have to be a prepublication copy. Can we give away a book that's been in print for awhile!

Thankx for sharing all this info!

Dana Lynn Smith

Glad you enjoyed the article, Aggie. Goodreads prefers that book giveaways be for new books, but it's not required. I think you can leave the publication date field blank on the form, which makes it less obvious how old the book is.

Norwood Holland

I need help maneuvering through Goodreads. I joined the mystery thriller group but can't figure out how to join the discussions group. I also want to promote my book and they talk about an "Authors Page". But there are no detailed instructions or guidance on how to set up an Author's page. I'm lost. I wish somebody would write a "How To" for Goodreads. I'm been a membe six months on going nowhere. I really would like to over this obstacle. It's just not user friendly.

Dana Lynn Smith

Norwood, I agree that GoodReads can be confusing to navigate. The instructions for setting up the Author Page are on this page: http://www.goodreads.com/author/program

I haven't had time to experiment with the groups function yet myself.

You may find this article helpful:
The complete and unabridged guide to GoodReads for authors by John Corwin http://bit.ly/ob7FHN

I wish you success with your book!

S.B. Lerner

I found the same article by Corwin and it was useful. My book is on Goodreads, but as an ebook, it has a different ISBN for Kindle than for Nook. So far, the link only works for Nook. They only seem to allow one ISBN number. Any idea how to get it to work for both>

Also, I put a review of my own book, just to let people know it was out there. I gave it 4 stars and said it was 'boorish to give it 5 stars, but the stories were published before and got a great reception..." and blah, blah. Do you think I should delete it?

Dana Lynn Smith

S.B., I suggest contacting GoodReads to ask how to get the Kindle edition linked in their database.


I wasn't comfortable giving my own books a 5-star review, so I just left the stars blank and said "This is my own book so I'm not rating it" then made a couple of comments about the book.

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