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Dave Rogers

I agree on most accounts except maybe a few notes you may have missed. If one is a Christian author there are two additional crucial steps to note.

The first step—
Remember: "all God needs is a stick wielded in faith"
I have made my living for over 30 years creating advertising and design services to help others sell. Everything you have said is true, but one who is His can not ever forget the importance of walking in Him. If He says type is enough, then type is enough.

The second step—
Find a world class cover designer who "gets it". One who listens to the Lord and can put the ideas of your heart into visuals. Then TRUST them to do what they do best.

Here at Lamb Creek creative services we are actively searching for authors and publishers who not only understand the need for good design, but who comprehend these two points as well.


Excellent info and also comments too from Dave Rodgers. Good luck to all. Dave AscensionForYou Knight

Cynthia Briggs

Good advice. Where would one find a cover designer who knows what they're doing? The average author can review samples of the designers work and not know if the cover speaks to the average person browsing the book shelves. My specialty is writing nostalgia and comfort food or heirloom recipes, which converts to a not-so-flashy subject and it's difficult to dress the subjects up so they'll catch attention or create interest.

Cynthia Briggs

Dana Lynn Smith

Cynthia, to get a top-notch cover, it’s important to hire an experienced book cover designer, rather than a general graphic artist. You should be able to gauge a designer’s expertise from the samples on their website, and also look for author testimonials and book design awards.

If you see a book cover in a bookstore that speaks to you, look for the designer’s name on the back cover or in the acknowledgments in the front of the book. You can also find cover designers by networking with other authors and searching online. Several good cover designers advertise in industry publications, such as The Independent, published by the Independent Book Publishers Association.

Here are a couple of designers whose work I admire:

As in most fields, the top cover designers tend to charge higher fees. My general rule of thumb is that the amount of money invested in book production and marketing should be proportional to the sales potential of a book.

One more thought: For many potential customers, the first time they see a book cover will be in small thumbnail size on your website or on Amazon, so it’s important that the book cover look good (and the title be readable) in small size.

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