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Lou Belcher

What a great resource. Thanks...

Stacey Acevero


These are all really fantastic tips not just for brook promotion press releases, but any release in general! Excellent excellent info--here are a couple extra tips I might add:

1) Your release can even have two headlines—a traditional PR headline that is more creative and an online PR headline that is optimized and very easy to point to with keywords. This is a great way to ensure that you’re optimizing your release for all mediums.

2) We no longer search for news, the news finds us: through all of the sharing methods we use online. The key is in the keywords—pick 2 to 3 and think like a searcher: what words would you use to do a search? Be sure to conduct lots of research.

3) Socialize the news by optimizing content and keep this in mind: journalists use social media sites such as Facebook, Linkedin and twitter for story sources and the Facebook “like” button is integrated into websites worldwide. Turns out, the likes are becoming the new links. So harness the power of social media by including press releases in your posts on various social media platforms.

Thanks and look forward to reading more of your work!
--Stacey Acevero
Social Media Community Manager, @PRWeb

Dana Lynn Smith

Wow, thanks for the tips Stacey! I know PR Web is one of the top press release distribution services and I appreciate you sharing your expertise with my readers.

Mike Klassen

Really appreciated the notes that went along with the press releases. Very helpful in breaking it all down.

Ralph Poore

Sample book press release links aren't working.

Dana Lynn Smith

Thanks for your note Ralph. The links work when I click on them - it could be a temporary glitch in the server, or perhaps some kind of conflict with your anti-virus/security settings. You might want to try clicking the links again.

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