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Vikram, thanks for mentioning my model. The Samson Effect still has more consistent sales since serializing it and giving it away. And I love the other models you shared.

Barbara Elliott

Thanks, great information. I currently self published a book on Amazon and need these kind of suggestions.

Dana Lynn Smith

I'm glad you found this helpful, Barbara, and good luck with your book!

Raquel Byrnes

This is all great information. I wonder if there you have specific ways a fiction writer can market their book. Thanks for the ideas and links.
Edge of Your Seat Romance

Dana Lynn Smith

Raquel, I'm glad you enjoyed Vikram's article. Here is a collection of articles on promoting fiction:

Gayle Farmer

Great information! I'm new to the site, but already like what I see. I'll be here for a while!

Gayle Farmer

Dana Lynn Smith

Gayle, thanks so much and good luck with your books!

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