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Margaret Agard

Perfect! I just did it and it worked wonderfully. One thing I know about marketing (especially on the Internet) is to just do it all. You never know what will lead to the big break or the small sale. This took all of 3 minutes.

Dana Lynn Smith

Wonderful - thanks for sharing, Margaret.


Great idea, and so easy. It's hard to keep up with all the opportunities out there so thanks for sharing.

TPC Online Marketing

If you don't have your book on Amazon, a great way to feature your book is simply to go to the "publications" tab under edit profile and create a direct link to your book's landing page.

Dana Lynn Smith

Thanks for the great tip about the publications area on LinkedIn. I will write a separate blog post about that.

Lisa Angle

This is a good idea. I use Reading List on LinkedIn and make sure I update it with good books I'm reading because it shows I'm actually reading and into books, and my name then appears in the update LinkedIn sends out - got to keep putting it out there.

Dana Lynn Smith

Thanks for sharing Lisa - great point about sharing with others what you are reading.

dee bright

I'm techie challenged and just did it!

In the comments section I wrote:" Just one reader review:" then posted a delightful review.

I agree with Lisa--gotta just keep trying new things. Thanks so much for your EASY to follow suggestion! Now I need to figure out how to link my Linked In page to my website...

Dana Lynn Smith

Dee, what a great idea to add a reader review!

You can link to your website from the Website area on your LinkedIn profile. Be sure to change the generic "website" title to the actual name of your site.


Janis Johnson

Great idea about adding my book to my LinkedIn profile but I don't see a publications tab under "edit profile." May have missed it, but can you explain further? Thanks!

Dana Lynn Smith

Hi Janis, there are two ways to feature books on your LinkedIn profile. This article explains how to use the Reading List by Amazon application. I have another article that shows how to add your books the "Publications" section of LinkedIn: http://bit.ly/dSAvdq


Savvy Book Marketer is my absolute favorite place to find out all these great tips! Thank you Dana for all your help!

Dana Lynn Smith

Thanks Amanda!

Sheri Fink

Thanks, Dana! You always have the best tips!


Wow, that was easy. Great way to connect with readers. Thanks for the tip!

Dana Lynn Smith

Thanks Marion - glad you enjoyed the tip!

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