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Erika D.

Wonderful, helpful advice! I'm about to embark on a virtual book tour myself. If anyone would like to see how I've assembled it, please visit http://www.erikadreifus.com/quiet-americans/blog-tour-winter-2011/.

Dana Lynn Smith

Thanks Erika, and good luck with your tour!

Dr. Bobbie Kelley, aka: The Rogue Perfumer

Thanks for posting Sandra. Can't wait to get started on a virtual tour of my book that I published last year, THE ROGUE PERFUMER. I appreciate your help.
Have a happy and prosperous new year.
Bobbie at Paragon Perfumes, Maui, Hawaii

Dana Lynn Smith

Thanks so much Bobbie, and good luck with your tour.


Thanks for the post, Sandra! I got a little lost and terrified with number 3, but I'm sure this feeling will go away with practice. Appreciate the help!

Sandra Beckwith

Amanda, don't let # 3 intimidate you! Use your own system for tracking information -- it can be a pad of paper! -- and you'll be fine. What counts is that you do the research first and have a way of "preserving" what you've uncovered. Lots of people like Excel but personally, I like to create grids in Word.

Good luck!

J. Aday Kennedy

Thanks for the tips. I'm choreographing my ext tur.
J. Aday Kennedy
The Differently-Abled Writer & Speaker
Children's Author of Klutzy Kantor & Marta's Gargantuan Wings


Is a virtual book tour the same as a blog book tour?

Dana Lynn Smith

Gail, I prefer the term "virtual book tour" because a tour can include more than just visiting blogs. For example, you can also include radio interviews, webinars or other virtual appearances on your tour schedule.

Mihku Paul

This posting could not be more timely. With the economy in a spin, and so many publishers no longer funding book tours for authors, writers must learn how to DIY effectively AND professionally.
In my MFA program we were always being told that we'd have to promote ourselves but seldom did we receive concrete guidance on how to do it. It is clear that on-line publishing, net-working and commerce is growing. Virtual book tours will help build that movement and strengthen what
has become the new frontier for authors of all stripes.

Thank you. I'll be sharing this with my cohorts.

Dana Lynn Smith

Mihku, thank you for your thoughtful comments. I'm glad you found Sandra's article helpful and you are sharing it with others.

Nancy Quatrano

This information is great! I'm an author and solopreneur who recently launched a blog dedicated to supporting writers. I'm excited to invite bloggers, too, so it is great to understand how this works! Thanks for super information.

Lucinda Clark

Information that is can be used right away. Will share with my authors! Thanks.

Dana Lynn Smith

Lucinda, thanks so much for sharing this article with your authors. And Nancy, good luck with your new blog.

holy land tours

Thanks Sandra for sharing this innovative concept of Virtual Book tour with us.Its very easy and helpful way to interact wid people online...i think now anyone can prepare his/her own virtual book tour and u make it even more simpler by giving templates also...It saves time also...

Jacqueline Garwood

Thank you so much for these detailed instructions, and even a sample pitch. You are so generous with your wisdom. I'm just in the process of publishing a book (Future Pull: Partner with the Universe to Create the Life of Your Dreams) and a companion playbook and journal. I really really need to develop a platform so that I can start to put together proposals to facilitate workshops and retreats based on my book. This gives me a direction to start off.

Dana Lynn Smith

Jacqueline, I'm glad that you found this helpful. Good luck with your book!

B.C. Young

Good info. I haven't tried doing this for my writings, not yet anyway, but my site has become part of a network that manages the blog tours. This is a good way for an author to make his name known.

lottery book

i just want to say thank you for the tutorial. it easy, and it work. that is all a good tutorial should be.

Steffannie Roache

I just want to say a BIG THANK YOU and God bless you! You've provided valuable/helpful information free of charge. I'm a new author (book that is...) and the kindness of seasoned authors and professionals has help prevent 're-invention of the wheel'.
Thanks Again!

Dana Lynn Smith

Thanks so much to Steffannie, B.C. and lottery book for your nice comments. I highly recommend virtual book tours and I'm in the process of planning one for September for my newest book, How to Get Your Book Reviewed.

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