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Patricia Turner Custard

This is timely as I have been pondering the back cover text for my latest children's book.
Thank you!

Dana Lynn Smith

I'm glad you enjoyed Joanna's tips for writing great cover copy!

Janice F. Baca

When I wrote the back blurb to my book, it took me days to get it how I wanted.

I wish I had this article earlier!


Dana Lynn Smith

Yes, writing sales copy is hard work! That's why I love the way Joanna has created a formula here.

Gwen McCauley

Ah, Joanna. Yet more fabulous advice that will definitely make a difference for me. You rock, girl! When I grow up I want to be as smart as you. :)

Account Deleted

Thanks for these very useful tips! A must read for any author.

Marilyn Barnicke Belleghem

I'm at the stage of doing the back cover of my fourth self help memoir and this is very helpful. Thank you!

Dana Lynn Smith

Marilyn and Prem, I'm so glad you found Joanna's tips helpful. This is one of my all-time favorite copywriting articles for authors.

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