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Very helpful. Thank you.

Between LinkedIn and Facebook, it seems there are plenty of these little nuggets of useful resources that are not always obvious to the casual user.

I've now got my book listed.

Barbara Techel

Thanks so much, Dana. You are always so helpful with things like this and I just want you to know how much I appreciate it. As a one woman author trying to keep up, these little nuggets of help truly help me out.
I shared also via my networks!

Dana Lynn Smith

I'm glad you both found the article helpful. Thanks for sharing it, Barbara!

Arthur Levine

Hi Dana, this is really very helpful and informative material.


Arthur Levine


This is an interesting new feature. Look out for my Linkedin Connection Request!
All the best,

Nancy Fairbrother

Thank you, Dana. This is so helpful.

Conrad Taylor

Hello Dana:

Thanks for sharing that little nugget about LinkedIn Publications. I found your post particularly helpful as a first time author.

All the best,

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