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Roni Loren

Thanks for inviting me to stop by!

Natasha Hanova

Roni, great tips on writing author bios. I like the fun, lightheartedness of yours.

Now I have to go take another look at mine. :-)

Charity Bradford

Awesome post Roni! I need to work on a bio. It's just one more thing on the list, but now I have some guidelines. Thanks!

Cecilia Ryan

Brilliant post. I'm hopeless at author bios. I don't expect this to change any time soon, but I'm glad I'm not the only one who struggles!

John Sparger

Great list, Roni. My original bio was pretty bland until a writing peer/friend put one together for me. Way better than what I came up with - http://johnsparger.com/bio_haz.html

Sia McKye

Roni, I read a lot of author bios, heck I read a lot of author websites. You picked out some good points to highlight. Can't be a bland sounding author when your books aren't. I'm with you on relatable and definitely humor.

Brooklyn Ann

Excellent post, Roni! I always struggle with the author bio. These tips shall be very useful. I have a thing for rock stars as well :)


Roni. You have a great touch and I enjoy your helpful words. I know that I read every Bio and information about authors. Probably trying to learn how to make mine better.

Thanks and great subject.


Great advice, Roni! I like the part about adding a touch of humor.

Dana Lynn Smith

Thank you Roni for this terrific post, and thanks to everyone who has commented on it. I think that bios are a struggle for many authors and I'm delighted to share Roni's expertise.


You have inspired me to put a little more time and effort into my author bio. Right now it's <50 words - good for anthologies, but boring for anything else!


Thanks, Dana and Roni. Great post. Where was this post when I really needed it?!

In 2005, when my agent asked for a bio to submit with my manuscript to publishers, I told her I didn't have anything to put IN a bio--no Pushcart Prize, no PhD, nothing even remotely impressive. So, I wrote a bio poking fun at what I had accomplished: http://thebreakupdiet.wordpress.com/about and she loved it! She actually used it with my submission package (which surprised the babyjesus out of me). LOL So, I guess humor does go a long way! =)

Dana Lynn Smith

Annette, you are such a master at humor - I wish I had that gift!

Judith Tramayne

Wonderful post that will help a lot of Authors. It's the one thing I struggled with when writing my first bio. It bored even so so I lightened up and wrote it the way my heroine would have. She's funnier than I am.

Donna Weaver

Another awesome post, Roni.

kathryn magendie

Lived in BR many years (husband from New Orleans) and have family in Texas - :-D

I now want to go check out my bio - been a while since I looked at it. And there's bios on websites, on twitter, on FB, on blog, R&T, etc - lawd!

good article!

Roni Loren

Thanks for all the great comments! Glad y'all found the post helpful. :)

And Kathryn, I lived in BR for years too. I miss it!

Laura Best

Roni, lots of great tips. I hate writing bios, but I love reading them. Funny about that!

Joanne Brothwell

Great list, Roni.

I had no idea you have an MSW! I guess that's something else we have in common besides writing.

And now I'm heading off to review my bio!


As a reader, I've never understood why people think they have a right to an author's personal information. Either you like a book or you don't. The author's background, cat's name, etc., has absolutely nothing to do with what they write.

As a writer, soon to publish my first book, I have no intention of including a bio.

Roni Loren

Catana, I really don't see it as a "right" to an author's personal information. I didn't put anything in mine that was earth shattering or super personal. I only shared what I felt comfortable sharing.

And I think it just depends on the reader. *I* as a reader want to know about the author. (I often read the bios on people's blog as well.) To me it's kind of in the same vein as wanting to know about the actor who plays a character you like or wanting to know about the singer who sings the song you like. It's just a way to feel more connected (for me) with them and their work. It INCREASES my interest in their product if the person behind it interesting/nice/funny/whatever. Obviously, not everyone needs or wants that.

And it's definitely your right not to include a bio. But also, if someone does want to include a bio but doesn't want to reveal any personal info about themselves, there are ways to write them where they don't give anything away. Maybe you could write one that says "Catana hates the idea of an author bio because you don't want to know the name of her cat, so she/he is taking a stand and leaving this back cover blank." ;)

Thanks for giving your perspective! :)

Dana Lynn Smith

I agree that authors should not divulge any more information in their author bio than they are comfortable revealing. But the bio can help connect readers with authors. Readers have a vast selection of books to choose from, and if they "connect" with you as an author it can increase the odds of your book being chosen. For example, I enjoy reading books from other Texas authors. And a bio written with a wry sense of humor can indicate the writing style in the book.

As a side note, authors need to consider how much personal information to reveal on their blog, website and social networks. I think that many people tend to reveal too much on social networks, listing things like their date of birth and kid's names or the fact that they are on vacation right now. Your personal friends already know that stuff, and your "business" friends don't need to know.

AD Bane

These are great tips! It can be so difficult to talk about yourself, it sure helps to have a checklist of things to say.

Shireen Jeejeebhoy

Just what I was looking for. I have to rewrite my author bio and hadn't come across anything to help me in this chore (it's way harder than writing any book!). Thank you for writing a succinct post on how to do it well!

Dana Lynn Smith

Thanks AD and Shireen - I'm so glad you found this helpful and I am so pleased that Roni agreed to share these tips with my readers.

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