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Tony Eldridge

Great advice, Joel. I know a lot of people who mean to get around to starting a mailing list soon. But of the people who I know that have a list, most wish they had started one sooner. No one I know believes it was a bad decision.

Dana Lynn Smith

I agree Tony - it's important to begin building a mailing list as early as possible (and that means before publication). It can take a long time to build up a substantial list and every day you delay you are losing potential subscribers.

Authors, if you don't have an opt-in mailing list yet - set one up today!

Shelley Hitz, Self Publishing Coach

Such great points Joel...and I agree!

I had a friend recently share with me an experiment he did. He pitched the same offer to two different groups:

1)"Cold" contacts to his website
2) To his e-mail list of subscribers

The "cold" contacts converted at only 0.7% while his list of subscribers converted at 10% (converted meaning bought his product). That's the power in building a relationship with your list of subscribers! And I believe the same can be true for authors as well. I use Aweber and have been pleased!

Dana Lynn Smith

Thanks Shelley - I agree that building relationships with subscribers is vital.

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