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Christopher Hudson

I gave my website a make-over a couple of months ago ... now I have a fresh, new site that savy surfers avoid.


Thanks for quoting me in the article. And I really like all of the new things you've added. Your site rocks!

Dana Lynn Smith

Thanks MaAnna - I appreciate your insight!

Uth Video

I want to move to a better SEO optimized and super light theme (something like daily blog tips). I also need to rebrand it a little bit with a new logo etc.

Can somebody (1) provide a free review of my blog along these lines? and (2) suggest a good free theme that suits my blog (:lol: Money is the problem here and hence I have to make the changes myself and only the logo designing will be outsourced)

Lawrence Spring

It's good to have a new look for your site, but it should not distort the purpose of your site. You can't have a kiddy design for a sports page, right? You also can conduct a survey if you want to acquire other ideas.

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