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Donna Swanson

Thanks for the advice, Tony. I've taken several steps, this being one of them. But I am easily discouraged. Posts like this put the oil back in my lamp!

Dana Lynn Smith

Donna, hang it there and don't get discouraged. There are so many ways to promote books and so much to learn that it can seem overwhelming. I think the key is to write down a plan (even if it's only a short list), focus on one thing at a time, and make some time every day to take action. Good luck with your book!

Pat W. Kirk

"paralyzed into inaction." How true. You don't know how one person or group of people can do it all. So your answer is very freeing. "Do one thing."

Tony Eldridge

Donna, I echo Dana's encouragement; hang in there. I keep going back to this myself as a reminder of focusing on the big picture and to keep moving. Someone once said that your destiny begins in the moment of a decision, but taking the first step, no matter how small, gives your destiny legs. Good luck with your book-- keep plugging away and one day you'll be surprised how far along you are.

Pat, thanks for your comment. And you are so right, it's freeing when you realize how important just doing the one thing is rather than putting the weight of everything on your shoulders.


Great advice, indeed marketing often begins before writing even begins (ideally) by knowing who we are writing for intimately (who are they, what are their dreams and desires frustrations and pains).

Then, the process of building a platform can begin well before your book is finished (or right now in the case it is already finished).

I'm a huge fan of blogs, videos (YouTube) and increasingly social networking as vehicles to get word out about your book.

It's all about interacting with your market and readers, from there you will get new ideas for even more meaningful interaction and suddenly, your big break will come in the form of additional sales, publicity opportunities, partnership opportunities, etc...


Dana Lynn Smith

Thanks for your comments, Jeff. I agree that it's best to begin promoting yourself and interacting with your audience before you write a word or publish a book. The most important thing is to take action NOW, regardless of what stage of the publishing journey are in.

Anthony Puttee

Adding to being overwhelmed and becoming paralyzed, is that often things become so much bigger in mind than they really are. This can set in the horrid procrastination bug which often puts dread in what was once just a small 2 minute task.

Clarity helps restrict one's information diet by filtering out the excess information that's all around us. Writers and authors need to first be clear on who their audience is and where they reach them.

Understanding these things will help narrow focus and refine the marketing plan, making it seem so much easier to know where to start. I cover these things in a free ebook I give away and have received great response as people have found renewed confidence to take action on something because of their new found clarity.

Great post Tony. 'Action' is arguably the most important factor in executing a book marketing plan, business idea or taking your three-legged cat for a run. No time like the NOW!


Dana Lynn Smith

Thanks for those words of wisdom, Anthony. I agree that the first step is understanding the audience and where to find them. Then it's time to take action - today and every day.

Shirley Anstis

Thanks for this, perfect timing. I feel like I am taking a lot of action but still need some encouragement with it. I need to streamline my approach too as there are too many possibilities to act on. Thanks again.

Omar Luqmaan-Harris

It all starts with a great plan. Here is a free book marketing plan template from my The Pantheon Collective (http://slidesha.re/nBRIXQ)

Dana Lynn Smith

Thanks for the link to your marketing plan, Omar, and I appreciate you including a link to my website in the slideshow!

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