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Barbara Techel

Great information, Sheri! I love how you said that you are there to entertain, motivate and be yourself- I've found as an author that also visits schools, that this is the best thing to do- just have fun- and the kids will automatically embrace you and your messages.

Dana Lynn Smith

Thanks Barbara. Do you take your dog Frankie on the school visits? I bet the kids love that!

Sheri Bell-Rehwoldt

You're so right, Barbara. Kids love to have fun. They enjoy the song/dance I have them do -- especially when their teachers have to do it, too. HA! Kids think authors are rock stars. They even ask me to sign their arms and legs! HA! (Hey, whatever it takes to get them to read!)

Barbara Techel

Dana, yes, I take Frankie with me. She is the star of the show! She has had a positive effect on many, many children.

Sheri-Kids are the greatest! I've truly enjoyed each and every child I have met along the way- so rewarding. As you well know. :)

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