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John Dwyer

Thanks for this great post Dana. This is a message I see repeated on every book blog I follow - ebooks are here and are the future. In addition to a printed book, any author must now have an ebook version as well. I use Smashwords to gain access to B&N and other outlets but I go myown way for the Kindle. The Kindle version of my book High Road To Tibet is outselling the paperback by 10 to 1. The writing is on the wall people!

Dana Lynn Smith

Thanks John. Very interesting to know your ebook is selling so much higher than the paperback. Do you think it's the price? Continued success to you!

Jake Grayston

I know for myself, the main reason I prefer e-books are that I can get them immediately. As soon as I have heard about a book, I can check the reviews, maybe even an excerpt, and if I think I like it can purchase it on the spot and start reading it within a few minutes. I think I am a pretty average consumer, so this probably is the driving force for this trend.

Dana Lynn Smith

Thanks Jake. I agree that speed and free samples are some of the driving forces behind the popularity of ebooks. It's just so easy to click that button and have the ebook delivered instantly!

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