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Dee for D.I. Telbat

Wow, Jan, thanks for sharing this new way of thinking about our books! As authors, we need to be looking at all aspects of marketing. Very interesting. We'll have to seriously consider this.

Michael Lockridge

I am currently very early in my promotion cycle for my fantasy adventure series, which begins with "Marcus of Abderus and the Inn at the Edge of the World," available on Barnes and Noble.com.

This is definitely a tool I will consider. Bookmarked and noted. Thanks!

Dana Lynn Smith

Thanks Michael and Dee for your notes. Another great way to use audio is to create an audio book trailer to give people a sample of your book. Here's an article about that: http://bit.ly/nPnuI0

Jan Bear

Thanks, Dee. I'm glad you like it. I am SUCH a fan of Podiobooks that I don't know how I'd live though my daily commute without them. There are an unbelievable array of opportunities for authors to market their books. We're bound only by the limits of our imaginations. Podiobooks does a real service to authors in making this opportunity more accessible.

And way to go, Michael. Great title. I hope to see it in the Podiobooks catalog sometime! :)

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