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Eldon Sarte

Excellent post and suggestions! Considering how many neat possible calls you've got there, and how particularly tempting they are to try out, you may want to remind your readers to keep it down to simply one (1) call to action per post. In my experience, anything more than that doesn't help one bit, and may even be worse than not asking them to do anything at all. :)

Dana Lynn Smith

Thanks so much Eldon - you are absolutely right and I will update the article to clarify that point!

Lawrence Spring

Bloggers should update their blogs regularly. That way, readers would be encouraged to go back again for the next episode or chapter. In other words, bloggers should have 'teasers' for their next post.

Dana Lynn Smith

Thanks Lawrence - a teaser is a terrific form of call to action for blog posts. Authors can says something like "Check back next week for ..." or "Don't miss my next post on ..."

Robin Chalkley

Being honest, I'm kind of surprised that I hadn't thought of some of these ideas before. Definitely going to use them now, so thanks for knocking some sense in my head!

Dana Lynn Smith

Thanks, Robin, glad to hear you found these tips helpful.

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