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Hi Dana and Laura! Fantastic guest post!
Thank you Laura for this great article. It served as a good checklist for me. It seems that I've done most of these things for our book page except I need to tweak my product description and add some review quotes. On my way to do that NOW! Thanks for the link to the great and helpful article by Carolyn McCray too!
Thanks so much to you both. Happy New Year! :)


H Dee, sorry I am JUST responding to this! Glad it was helpful and best of luck with it :)

j.m. Sandler

what should I do about a spiteful, shallow review with a one-star rating that has diminished my 5-star ratting?
J.M. Sandler
Caspian Diray

Dana Lynn Smith

J.M. I know it's frustrating to get a bad review, but it happens to most authors sooner or later. My advice for authors is to try not to take it personally and to remember that books (especially fiction) are subjective - some people will love your book and others won't.

If a review contains factual errors (for instance stating that a nonfiction book was missing important information) you can click the "comment" button on the review and leave a note. But be very careful not to sound defensive - just state the facts. (e.g. Perhaps you missed chapter 6 where I discussed that topic in detail.) If you think a review was really unjustified, you can also click the "no" button next to "Was this review helpful to you?"

If a review violates Amazon's terms (http://www.amazon.com/gp/community-help/customer-reviews-guidelines) you can ask Amazon to remove it. Amazon will not remove a review simply because it's unfavorable or you think it's unfair.

Finally, focus on getting more good reviews to offset the bad one. For advice on getting reviews and profiting from them, see http://www.GetBookReviews.net.

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