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Jo Ann Kairys

Thank you so much for participating in my book tour! I always follow your wonderful articles and hope your readers find this one helpful! Jo Ann

Peter Argent

Thank you. The Facebook groups you list are all very good. I'll be joining them. http://rhinowrangler.wordpress.com/

nicholas kin

My 8 year old daughter and I had written a childrens book in Buffalo NY called " How to make a butterfly from scratch" . Basically she told me as we were reading a bedtime story that we should write a book about a chef that tells his daughter how butterflies are made from the suns burp bubbles, butter, crayons etc. Its an adorable rhyming, greatly illustrated book and I think this post will prove to be very helpful. I will try all the methods listed thanks for posting the suggestion!

To see a preview of the book goto http://www.facebook.com/howtomakeabutterflyfromscratch

Darryl Tay

I agree with you, Dana, especially with strategy #4. Build a connection between you and your audience by keeping a constant commitment and communication. Remember that marketing isn’t just about selling your product; it’s also about gaining their loyalty and trust by establishing a long-lasting friendship.

Dana Lynn Smith

Great point, Darryl. Too many people forget that social marketing is about building relationships.


Thanks for an excellent article.

Jane Mason

I love your suggestions and I want to try them all. Jane Mason

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