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Gail Huntley

Thanks. great article. Thank you. Where can I get bookmark templete? gailonwritingaboook.blogspot.com

Dana Lynn Smith

Gail, I'm glad that you enjoyed the article. I think it's a good idea to have a graphic artist design your bookmark. You can use your cover designer or hire someone through a freelance service. Delia at http://deliadesigns.webs.com specializes in bookmarks. If you want to do it yourself you may be able to find templates at some online printers.

Pat S.

Isn't it kind of silly to hand out bookmarks for an e-book? Wouldn't some other promotional item be better? Pens, emery boards, small pads of sticky pads with your logo, something? There are a million places to find promo items other than bookmarks.

Loreen Liberty

Thanks for the great article! I'm new to getting e-books published - working my first one and I found this useful information to keep in mind when it's finally done!

Dana Lynn Smith

Loreen, I'm glad you enjoyed the article. Good luck with your new book!

Pat, thanks for your note. Pens and sticky pads make nice giveaways, but bookmarks are still my favorite for several reasons. They are much less expensive and they have more space to promote the book with cover art, endorsements, website and Facebook address, and more. They are like mini-flyers. Some authors print their contact info on their bookmarks and use them as business cards.

Aileen Gilpin

Great timing on this article, I just had a conversation about this today with an author. One suggestion I gave the author is to raffle off an eReader at the launch. This is great especially for those that don't have one yet, but for those that do have one it's a great gift to give a loved one.

Dana Lynn Smith

Aileen, that's a great idea to give away an ebook reader. The basic Kindle is just $79 now.

Karen @BTBSBlog

Great article! I was wondering about this,though I'm looking a little into the future as I haven't finished writing my weight loss book yet. I was thinking of having a launch party at my gym.

Dana Lynn Smith

Karen, it's a great idea to have a book launch party at a gym if that's where your target market hangs out. It's wonderful that you are already thinking ahead to promoting the book while you are still writing it! Now is the time to be building an audience and a following on social networks.

Wendy A.M. Prosser

What a wonderful idea! If I ever get to that stage, I will definitely try it!

Dave Cornford

Great post.

As another suggestion, I'd print a QR code on the bookmark - makes it easy to buy the book on a mobile device. I'd also have the QR code up on a poster - again, so people can go straight to where they can buy the book on their mobile device.

Dana Lynn Smith

Dave, that's a great idea - thanks for sharing!

David Henderson

Very interesting article and I am interested about the QR code. I am not familiar about the QR code how do I do that?

I have an e-book for Kindle and Nook sold on Amazon and Barnes and Noble and a pdf file that any reader can purchase off my website. The pdf e-book is cheaper for the reader to purchase and I make a 100% royalty off of my pdf e-book. :)

Thank you

Dana Lynn Smith

Hi David,

I recommend Googling QR Code to learn more about how to create and use them. Here are a couple of good articles:



I wish you much success with your books!


Gayle suzanne

Excellent article! I am working on my book and your info is very helpful. Thank you!! Gayle Suzanne

Dave Cornford

Have just out this into practice with great success. I held 2 parties. The first was in the city at 5.30 pm on a Monday. I found a bar that would give me a little corner without charge, and ordered a platter of food. People bought their own drinks, so cost was moderate. I did a postcard with cover and QR code, plus a sheet with links (inc QR) to my blog and other books, plus wifi password info - I simply set up a hotspot with my smartphone. I asked a friend to interview me, and the first question was "Hey, Dave, we're at a book launch, where are the books?". We talked casually, including questions from the floor for about half an hour. Nearly everyone bought the book, and they had fun getting QR codes to work etc.
Second was at home at 8 pm on a weeknight. Same format, worked well.
These functions were very much family, friends, colleagues and supporters, but they loved being invited, and left more excited and engaged with the book and hopefully committed to writing a review after they'd read the book.

Dana Lynn Smith

Dave, thanks so much for sharing your experience and you creative ideas for an ebook launch party. I wish you much success with your books!

Fiona Ingram

I recently read about and then saw a unique idea. An author took those DO NOT DISTURB signs you find on hotel doors, and had the words DO NOT DISTURB. I AM BUSY READING (NAME OF NOVEL) BY (NAME OF AUTHOR) printed on the card. Then she used both sides to includes back cover copy, contact and web details, and extra stuff about the book - those signs are quite large. What a fun idea. Just the novelty would intrigue me.

Morgen Rich

What about having a Google Hangout during the launch party and making sure someone is with the author to Tweet, post to Facebook, chat on the hangout when the author is busy?

Yvonne Shepard

If budget allows, the eBook card from WWW.livrada.com
Would let you give away or sell your ebooks at your launch party.

Kate Tilton

You may want to consider using Authorgraph :) http://www.authorgraph.com/

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