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I agree with you Dana, that many writers 'just want to write.' That was fine for many years ago, but the nature of publishing has changed radically and continues to change with new e-publishing options. It's hard to know where to begin, and there isn't a how-to manual. I learned by subscribing to a number of newsletters where you'll find that information touches on a wide variety of publishing aspects, just what the fledgling writer needs. Book marketing companies often also include archives of free articles or sometimes short e-books discussing various aspects of the business.

Dana Lynn Smith

Thanks Fiona. Newsletters and blogs from publishing experts are great sources of free information for authors, but there are a number of excellent guidebooks too. I recommend that aspiring authors read one (or more) of the self-publishing guides listed at http://bit.ly/AspiringAuthors. There are also lots of book marketing guidebooks, including those at http://www.SavvyBookMarketer.com.

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