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Thanks, Dana! Charlene did a fantastic job with the Pinterest article, and I loved your advice.

This is a great selection of links. Joel's review of ebook covers always inspires my artwork. I'm interested in learning how to autograph an ebook, too. And Cafe Press! Every year I get requests for WOW! t-shirts and every year I think, gosh, I should really do that. =/

Jenn Crowell

That article on Pinterest was amazing! Thanks for sharing it. I've got a far better feel for how I can actually use it as an author now, without being obnoxious or overdoing the perfect cupcakes (which I'll never have time to make, anyway).

Dana Lynn Smith

Jenn, I'm glad you enjoyed Charlene's article about Pinterest. And I know what you mean about those perfect cupcakes! I have learned to dunk the top of the cupcakes in a bowl of frosting and be done with it:)

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