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Stina Lindenblatt

This only works if you go outside your typical blogging circle. Otherwise, the same people will see every one of your posts and you'll just end up annoying them. Several people mentioned this on my blog this week. Blog tours are starting to lose the appeal they once had. Most of us skip those posts, unless the topic is of interest to us.

Dana Lynn Smith

Thanks for your note Stina. It is important to choose the right hosts for a virtual book tour and to provide content that's of interest to the specific audience for each venue. Virtual tours are also a good opportunity to reach out to tour hosts that you don't already have a relationship with, in order to get exposure to new audiences.

I recommend varying the type of content on a virtual tour – include articles, interviews, book reviews, contests, etc. It's easy for nonfiction authors to do a series of articles or interviews based on the topic of their book. It can be more of a challenge for novelists to come up with unique content for each site. These two articles have some great ideas:

How to Write Blog Posts When You Are Blogging to Market a Novel – by Phyllis Zimbler Miller http://bit.ly/gYWMGs

Blog Ideas for Fiction Writers – by Cathy Stucker http://bit.ly/1JTWBv

Fiona Ingram

I'd like to respond to Stina. I have been on three virtual book tours for my MG adventure novel The Secret of the Sacred Scarab. I had three different hosts who arranged the tours. They all had their own followers, who were clear from the outset what books they and their followers preferred. So, I immediately had a niche audience (times three) of interested people i.e. mothers who wanted great books for their kids. The hosts suggested blog posts related to literacy, getting kids interested in books, or else reviews, and then Q&A. My point is: a blog tour must be cherrypicked in that the readers will want to read the post/review/interview. Perhaps I have just been lucky, but virtual tours do work. Targeting the right audience to begin with is paramount.

Dana Lynn Smith

Fiona, thanks for your note, and I wish you much success with your books!

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