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Darren M Jorgensen

Greetings Dana,

There is much good stuff in here; congrats on the topic discussion. I feel very strongly about helping authors market their books, too. With that in mind, I "scooped" this blog entry into a mini-site that you can visit here (you might be interested in some of the other blog entries I have previously "scooped"):

Darren M Jorgensen

Dana Lynn Smith

Darren, thanks for sharing my article!

Lynne Klippel

Dana- I am delighted that you shared this article with your readers!

Darren M Jorgensen

Dana, You're very welcome. The way the Scoopit mini-site works is that the viewer sees a view of the first few sentences of your blog, with a photo and it is made to look quite attractive. When someone is interested in the title of it, they click on it and it will re-direct them to YOUR blog. So, hopefully, I'll be able to direct some people toward your information and content.

Doing all I can to help authors and small publishers sell their books!



Do you optimize the blog posts for search machines?

Dana Lynn Smith

Junkins, it's always a good idea to use keywords in your blog posts, especially in the title. Here are some tips:

The Secret to Using Keywords Effectively in Articles http://bit.ly/iY39lx

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