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Marla Martenson

I notice a lot of people leave reviews of a book and they have not even read it. That happened to me and it is so frustrating.

Steve Freeman

What can you do about a negative review on Amazon- 4 on the same day- that you know was written by someone who didn't read the book, and wrote them all himself or coordinated the effort. He's personally against the book. I thought this might happen, but I was hoping it wouldn't. All but 2 sales were accounted for and he or they wrote 4 reviews. The book had just come out and 11 copies were sold and 9 friends purchased it. It's about gun control. So I was expecting this from NRA members or some rabid gun nuts.

Dana Lynn Smith

Steve, unfortunately this sort of abuse of Amazon's review system is not uncommon with books on controversial topics. As noted in my article, you can report the reviews to Amazon and ask for removal, but they may not take any action.

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