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Tominda Adkins

Great analogy! I guess my snowball hit a tree about halfway down the hill, but I'm inspired to get it moving again. Marketing feels so hopeless sometimes, but it's always good to be reminded that huge successes--and smaller, niche successes--don't hit their stride overnight. Oftentimes they take a few years and tireless platform expansion, or, in the case of a series, things pick up after book 3 or 4 is out. Here's to bigger snowballs!

Dana Lynn Smith

Thanks for your note Tominda. It does take time to build up an audience and a following, but as long as you have a good promotion plan you'll get there. I wish you much success with your books!


Thank you for the article, more people need to understand that book marketing is a work in progress and it takes a snowball to build a snowman!

Dana Lynn Smith

Thanks Larissa, and keep working on that snowman!

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