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Tominda Adkins

Does that cold-calling bit only work for smaller stores, then? I find cold-calling so intimidating; I just don't have the nerve for it. Gotta work on that. I have found that visiting local booksellers and asking them about stocking my book on consignment works pretty well.

Jo Ann Kairys

Cold-calling has worked for me with any size store. It's great to connect in person, but for stores outside your local area, cold-calling is a wonderful alternative. The conversation generally lasts just a few minutes and I've found almost everyone to be receptive and friendly. I strongly encourage you to try it!

Terry Cordingley

Just one note in regard to #3: getting the book on the shelf is just the first step. You also need to follow that up with either doing a book signing event or using your platform to drive customers to those stores to buy the books. If not, you could be hit with returns down the road.

Dana Lynn Smith

That's a great point, Terry. There are so many books in a typical store that it can be a challenge for your book to just get found by browsers.

Some stores have special tables up front featuring local or regional authors, or books related to a particular season, so look into those opportunities.

Authors, I encourage you to read Terry's article about bookstore sales - there's a link at the end of this article.

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