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Joan Price

This is very helpful, Dana! I'm clipping the whole article. I have an author video already (http://youtu.be/MN6_HVD-Jdg) that people say help them decide that they want to read my senior sex books, and you're giving me great tips for the next one. Thank you.

Dana, how important is it to have a professional videographer so that our video stands out in quality? I've seen so many author videos where the sound or visual quality is so low that it's obviously a personal laptop production. How much does that matter, do you think? I know you're giving do-it-yourself tips, so are you saying that an investment in a professional doesn't really pay off?

Dana Lynn Smith

Thanks Joan, I'm glad you found the article helpful. I'm not saying that hiring a professional is a bad idea, but just be careful that you have a reasonable chance of getting a return on that investment. If you spend $1,000 on a single video, how many books will you have to sell as a direct result of the video to earn that back? If you learn to do videos yourself, you can make multiple videos and get more bang for your buck. I think it's okay for videos to look somewhat homemade, but you don't want them to look shabby or be hard to see or hear. I recommend taking some time to learn some skills and get the right equipment so you present a professional image, even if it's not as slick as a videographer would produce.

Lilian Gafni

Thank you so much Dana. I may try just that the next time. I've spent more than enough to produce two video trailers for my books, http://youtu.be/gGZ30QYNNuY and http://youtu.be/AYaJLMnoES0. You're absolutely right about how many books would I have to sell to recoup the investment? It goes the same with promotions, marketing etc. If it's only for the love of writing and publishing your books then it's worth while, but not economically wise. Thanks a bunch.

Dana Lynn Smith

Thanks Lillian. I'm an ROI kind of gal, so I'm always looking at the the potential return on any investment. But of course sometimes it's hard to measure the benefit, especially with things like media publicity.

Maggie Lyons

Thank you for posting this very informative article, Dana.

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