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Marianne Sciucco

Thank you for sending me this information. I am planning a book launch later this summer for my novel, Blue Hydrangeas, and your advice is very helpful. Looking forward to connecting with you in future. Marianne Sciucco

amy queau

Yikes! I've been going about this ALL wrong! Ha! Thanks so much for this. Taking your advice NOW!

Dana Lynn Smith

Thanks so much Marianne and Amy - I'm glad you enjoyed Shannon's article. I wish you much success with your books!

Rbert Ellis

I launched my book Hush Now,Don't Cry about two years ago. 300 copies sold that night. I always knew though that the title sounded a bit tame for the story that it is. Also the cover design was less than that which was needed to depict the story. I am now considering changing the title and cover. Any suggestions? It really is a great story.

Dana Lynn Smith

Rbert, congratulations on your successful book launch! If it's economically feasible to revise your cover to be more effective, I think that's a great idea. Changing the title may be confusing from a marketing standpoint, if you are already experiencing good sales and have reviews for the book. However, you can add a subtitle that will clarify the genre or storyline. I've written an article about using subtitles for promoting fiction and nonfiction and it will be appearing on my blog on February 25.

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