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Fiona Ingram

I have been using Google+ for a while and I am not sure yet if this is working for me. However, I think long-term it has a growing 'authorship' and I hope all my posts will enhance my author profile.

Dana Lynn Smith

Thanks Fiona. I think that G+ will continue to grow in importance over time.


Do you have any suggestions for author's who go by a pen name? I asked this at another forum and was told Google wants "real people." What are your thoughts?

Dana Lynn Smith

Cathleen, you can set up a "Page" in your pen name, but there may be something in the Google rules that says "Profiles" are only for real people. (I haven't researched that.) Like Facebook, their intent is that Profiles are for people and Pages are for businesses. But I guess you could take the position that your alter ego is a person and set up a Profile for her :)

Pauline Laurent

My book came out in 1999. I would now like to market it as ebook. I've checked out Amazon's Kindle and wondered if there were other ways to create an ebook?
Can you direct me to some resources"?

Larry Deane

Thank you for the link to my article Dana, most appreciated.

I've found Google+ to be the most engaging and beneficial social media platform for myself and my online business. I really great place to hang out, share content, learn and build relationships.


This is just what I needed, I've been trying to decide if Google+ is worth my time or not. Now you have helped me decide, Thanks!


Thanks for the shout out Dana. I'm in the process of adding more things to the course, including webinars on very focused how-to aspects.

Dana Lynn Smith

Glad to hear that MaAnna - I know you produce high quality training :)

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