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Fiona Ingram

Thanks for the good tips!

Charity Paschall

Great ideas! I am wondering if this would be possible in some way with e-pub books. As much as I want to publish hard copies, I am not certain it will be in the budget for quite some time.

Velva Lee Heraty, Author, "The Dream Belongs to the Dreamer"

Hi, This is helpful. As an author, former marketer and sales trainer I would follow with just a few more simple steps. Here's what they are:

Have simple questionnaires with contact info asking for reader feedback. Put one in each signed book.

Have the hostess give the final remarks and thanks. During this time ask people if they would like to host a book party and have a detailed sign-up sheet ready for those that say "yes".

I never do a presentation without getting feedback so I always hand out a brief questionnaire to everyone asking 3-4 things. People enjoy this type of participation and I've learned a lot from this.

Dana Lynn Smith

Velva, thanks for sharing these tips!

Charity, I wrote an article about doing book launch parties for ebooks at http://bookmarketingmaven.typepad.com/book_marketing_maven/2012/04/plan-a-book-launch-party-for-an-ebook.html And keep in mind that it's inexpensive to publish paperbacks through CreateSpace, although you will need to hire someone to do the cover design.

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