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Michael N. Marcus

Websites are important for all authors; but it will be difficult for memoirists, poets or novelists to develop enough material to write blog posts daily or even weekly. There's just not much news to report or comment on in the field of post-apocalyptic teenage cannibalism.

Dana Lynn Smith

Thanks for your note, Michael. Although frequent posting is more attractive to search engines, it's really not necessary. Once a week to once a month is fine, and it's better to post when you have something to say rather than just for the sake of posting.

I'll be writing more about what sort of things authors can talk about on their blog, but the basic idea is to talk about things that would be of interest to the target readers of your book and to also share news such as upcoming author events, book awards won, etc. Here are some great blogging tips for novelists: http://bookmarketingmaven.typepad.com/book_marketing_maven/2009/11/blog-ideas-for-fiction-writers.html

Joseph LaFauci

Thank you for this article and subsequent entries. I have been working on my blog site which includes some static pages, making it a combination website and blog. For me, the really tough challenge has been attracting traffic. In the beginning, there was almost nothing. Now, I occasionally get a real comment, and multitudes of spam. I am learning that as authors, we help one another as we visit other blogs and share ideas. Thanks!

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