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John Yeoman

True, Stacey, as agents have all but closed their doors to unsolicited submissions - having no trade publishers to lodge them with any more - the debut author has nowhere else to go. Indie publishing - and small presses - are recovering the ground they first established in the early 20th century.

Brenda Anderson

Excellent article. I've written my first book and it's doing well. That's because I was lucky enough for someone to point out to me those very facts stated in this article. I had to dip into my 401k to get the money needed for editing, cover, etc, but I've never looked back. I'm on the road to earning back the money I've invested, but I'm more proud of producing a professional product.

Dana Lynn Smith

Brenda, congrats on the success of your book. I like the way you referred to your publishing expenses as an "investment" - that's thinking like a business owner!

Stacey Aaronson

Thanks so much, Brenda! I'm so happy you found the article helpful … and that you received the same sound guidance for your first book. So many authors don't, and it breaks my heart to see those substandard "first attempts." I've had several authors come to me after the fact and want their book redone professionally. I'm so glad you're reaping the benefits of doing it right the first time … and that you're on the road to being profitable with your book!

Stacey Aaronson

Well said, John! It is indeed wonderful to see doors opening for authors in a way they weren't in the past. My commitment now is to ensuring as many writers as possible know the best steps to take when they self-publish their work so they'll be credible, polished, and overall excellent in the eyes of readers and the literary community. :-)

Joan Z. Rough

I am an artist as well as a writer. I would never consider placing my art work in a gallery unless it was absolutely the best work I could do. I want to place my writing under the same kind of scrutiny. Thanks so much for your post and encouraging words to stay on track!

A.E. Albert

It's all about attracting readers to your work. Being a writer without an audience isn't real fulfillment.
I loved your post. Thanks!

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