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barbara techel

What a delight Margot is! As an author who did many Skype visits with my true children's books, I can say it was some of the most enjoyable times.

It has me thinking of perhaps doing this again. I do have some concern over not charging though - perhaps even a very small fee. I look at it in the way of which our time is of value - but then wonder if that would mean less Skype visits to do.

Just curious if Margot is willing to share any information on how often she does Skype visits? I know she limits them as far as times of day - but just curious if she limits how many she will do in a week because she does offer them for free.

Great podcast and thanks for featuring how great of a tool Skype is. I've always felt it was a win-win for everyone!


barbara techel

PS: Here is an excellent resource of authors to list their profile also if they offer Skype visits. There are many authors on here who do charge a fee. http://skypeanauthor.wikifoundry.com/

Just one of the many resources I offer in my book to help authors sell books through school visits, "Class Act: Sell More Books Through School and Library Author Visits." I do have a section on using Skype also.


Dana Lynn Smith

Barbara, thanks for your notes. Yes, many authors do charge for school visits and I've seen fees as high as $500 for a half day of live presentations. Fees could be somewhat lower for Skype visits than in-person visits, but there's no travel time or expense. I have added a link to your excellent book in the Resources section of this post.

barbara techel

Thanks so much, Dana for including a link to my book. I do appreciate that very much.
It is certainly an interesting topic whether to charge or not to charge.

Margot Finke

Dana, many thanks for allowing me to share my Skyping adventures on The Savvy Book Marketer. It is always good to share expertise and help other writers when you can.

Barbara, thanks for your kind words. As for charging a fee-these days many schools are strapped for usable cash, so I offer my Skype visits for free. I do, however, ask that the school and parents be requested to buy a few of my books. I send the teacher an order form + an introductory letter, both of these to be sent home to the parents. Also, Skyping with classes in Asia and India makes payment more than tricky.

Things are picking up nicely now, so in the future I will begin charging a modest fee. I look at it as getting my name and books into schools, and available to teachers who are not on the "visiting list" of many famous authors.

Hooking Kids on Reading is my main goal+ having them take an interest in writing their own stories. I didn't get into the writing business to make money-most of us never earn enough to live on, and that's fine with me. When kids read one of my books instead of playing a computer game, my FREE Skype visit pays off-BIG TIME!

Thank you both for giving me an opportunity to spout about my cause and my books.

Margot Finke - A Magic Carpet Of Books

barbara techel

Thanks for answering with your thoughts on charging a fee verses not, Margot. I applaud your wonderful reason and passion for getting kids to read.

I wish I could afford to not charge, but I guess the reason I brought this up is because doing presentations, even by Skype is another stream of revenue that authors can make should they decide to charge, which I think many have to if this is part of the way in which they make money to make a living.

I've always been willing to work with schools in regards to their budget, as well as have done some for free - it just all depended. But I just wanted to clarify that for some to do free visits, isn't really an option. Though I'm thrilled you are able to do this.

Great interview and thanks so much for sharing your wisdom!

-Barbara Techel

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